version 1.3
Dec 30, 2019
Chagned "SNP" into "SNV"
Updated macaque reference genome from rheMac2 to rheMac8
Updated gene annotation from Ensembl release 85 to Ensembl release 97
Updated drug information to drangbank v5.1.4
Added a changelog page with timeline to show detailed update information
Added support for searching gene by name, symbol
Fixed 505 error caused by searching item
version 1.2
Oct 14, 2018
We used d3.js to reconstruct genotype comparative map to adapt to more individulas in the future
version 1.1
Jul 16, 2018
We changed the snp models in database for more efficient data retreving
version 1.0
May 8, 2018
MACSNVdb 1.0 was released and is on line now