We use RNA-seq to characterize the animal and plant transcriptome and construct complete gene annotations including coding genes, non-coding genes, alternative splicing, gene fusion, novel gene function. We also discover the role of non-coding RNAs in regulation of gene expression.
We integrate multi-omics data including genome, transcriptome, methylatome and tranlatome data to construct bioinformatics database, and develop pipeline and software for processing sequencing data.
We use Ribo-seq to understand protein translation status, translation rate and expression abundance at the genome level. We also identify translated ORFs from non-coding RNAs, and explore the biological functions of their encoded microproteins.
We employ high-throughput sequencing technology and multi-omics analysis mehtod to identify disease-related target protein, and perform molecular docking between target protein and large numbers of small molecule libraries, analyze the interactions between small molecules and protein to screen lead compounds for drug candidates.